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9 events you won't want to miss | June 2019

Summer hasn’t begun but it’s just around the corner. It’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer, let the fun in the sun begin! Here’s a sample of what’s happening in the Chaleur Region in June 2019!

 Published Jun 06

The rhythm of the Summer season is amplified by the many festivals and events flourishing all around the Chaleur Region, from Belledune to Bathurst passing through Pabineau First Nation. We have festivals for all tastes, ages and groups.

If you are a foodie, a groupie, a sportie (is that even a word?) or all of the above, our festivals and events are the places to be!

Summer hasn’t begun but it’s just around the corner. It’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer, let the fun in the sun begin! Here’s a sample of what’s happening in the Chaleur Region in June 2019:

10 km Chaleur

Talk about a motivating activity to stay in shape! Registration ends at 9:30 am at the Sportek in Beresford on the day of the race. If you feel that 10 km is a little long, there is also a 5 km version to join in on the fun.

Transportation is available from the registration to the starting line, prizes to be won, and fun to be had! There will be a pasta lunch and door prizes after the event in the arena.

When: June 8

Where: Sportek in Beresford

Why: A fun run will get ‘er done!

Une mini-tournée de RIEN. du tout

Derrick Frenette and Pascal Cameron, two excellent francophone stand-up comedians will be at the Studio 2 during their mini-tour of Northern NB with local MC extraordinaire Nathan Dimitroff. This is not the first time these comics have been here… but, they have never been here during LOBSTER SEASON.

Will their performance be affected by the copious amounts of Chaleur Region lobster they will indubitably consume? What suspense! This performance is part of the Festival RIEN., a comedy festival started by our (hilarious) neighbours over in Caraquet.

When: June 14

Where: Studio 2, Bathurst

Why: Two top-notch francophone comedians from Montreal, touring Northern NB: weak bladders please abstain.

Bathurst Marina KickOFF Party w/Certified

Summer may be one week away, but why not start feeling it now!

The Marina is inviting you to KickOFF Summer with local favorites Certified! Mark it on your calendars and join them for the biggest beach party that Youghall has ever seen!

When: June 14

Where: The Marina, Bathurst

Why: Best way to kick off the Summer vibe, with good friends, good times and good music!

Festiv’Arts 2019

(Photo from the Festiv'Arts 2019 Facebook page)

This is going to be the first edition of the newly created Festiv’ARTS, a colourful weekend at La Barque in Pointe-Verte. Guests will have the opportunity to travel through the ages with the Living History of Restigouche and the Medieval Portal Gaspésie.

An open house day at La Barque, demonstrations of various art workshops, fire breathing dragons, and indoor and outdoor celebrations are scheduled for a colorful weekend.

When: June 14 – June 16

Where: La Barque, Pointe-Verte

Why: A community celebration showcasing the art of woodworking from creative artisans. Did we mention the fire breathing dragons?

Justin Doucet

Justin Doucet is back at Studio 65 in Madran to the delight of his fans in the Chaleur region. He will be there to present his first album "Question de perspective".

During the evening, you will be able to hear several songs from his album in addition to learning all about his sources of inspiration and musical influences.

When: June 15

Where: Studio 65, Madran

Why: An energetic and entertaining evening with violin virtuoso Justin Doucet at an amazing venue.

Bathurst Rotary RibFEST

Ribfest is a professional barbecue competition that has expanded across North America and has branded itself as one of the larger events travelling from city to city to raise money for charity.

There’s music during the event, family activities and ribs, mountains and mountains of RIBS!!

When: June 21st – 22nd – 23rd

Where: Downtown, Bathurst

Why: You can never have enough Ribs!

Les 4 Chevaliers Easton à Petit-Rocher NB

Get ready to put the fun back in FUNd raiser. These four softball pros will blow your socks off with their amazing skills. Talented, funny and just an all-around spectacular show, this softball game is one you won’t want to miss.

In the past 4 years, Les 4 Chevaliers have already raised more than $250,000 for various charities!

When: June 22nd

Where: Baseball Field in Petit-Rocher

Why: Be amazed and laugh all game long, excellent fun for the whole family!

The Succulents Lobster Festival

The Chaleur region has some of the best and freshest lobster available in the Maritimes and we are aren’t afraid to show it off.

For three days, you will be able to eat fresh lobster from the Bay of Chaleur prepared in almost every way imaginable. It is a must for all seafood lovers out there.

Don’t forget your bib!

When: June 28 – 29 – 30

Where: Downtown, Bathurst

Why: Lobster lobster lobster.

Thomé Young dans le 783

Since 2003, this Pointe-Verte native has been giving us tunes that make us feel, move and think. With his thoughtful lyrics and down to earth presence, he offers an intimate show no matter how many people are in the audience.

Pascal Lejeune aka Thomé Young was born in the 783 (phone number) moved to 727 (Caraquet) and is now living in the 732 (Maisonette). He will be with his friends Serge Brideau (Hôtesse d’Hilaire) Katrine Noël (Hay Babies) and many more.

It will no doubt be a great night to discover (or rediscover) this talented local artist.

When: June 28

Where: Salle multifonctionnelle Denis Richard, Petit-Rocher

Why: It’s not every day that Thomé Young (AKA Pascal Lejeune) steps out of his 732 to come to the 783!


Keep an eye on our events and Facebook pages to keep up with everything happening in the Chaleur region! Did we miss something amazing for the month of June? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook post!


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